Commerorative Year10 Anniversary Decals (Signed)

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Image of Commerorative Year10 Anniversary Decals (Signed)

These were made specifically for the Year10 Anniversary Meet as the "golden ticket" for the enthusiasts who reserved a VIP spot within the event. I have some extras so I thought I'd put them up here so you guys who either couldn't attend the meet or lived too far away and couldn't come can now have a piece of Chronicles history.

These are cool keepsakes that I'll even sign, since a few of you guys have asked me to sign stuff in the past. I'll leave it as an option below. They were originally numbered specifically for the spot that was reserved. The Eibach Springs facility doesn't have as many spaces for cars as I had for decals made (250) so most of these that are available to you now are actually numbered still.

Get them if you want them because these will for sure never be made again.

*Decal measures 8x2.5 inches

*High-quality durable vinyl

*International shipping available